Phér Bóney Love Theme

Writer and performer Will Hines ( Brooklyn 99, Arrested Development, Comedy Bang Bang ) stars in the short film as a Hungry Business Man, who simply wants to eat a sandwich but is deterred by the grasps and pulls from a troupe of anonymous dancers. Director, Jonny Look, says the video was inspired by an article in The Guardian and the creation of the “pre-packaged sandwich”. The article describes the sandwich’s impact upon mainstream culture and how it freed people from eating habits of the past. The article quotes food writer Bee Wilson, who said “Sandwiches freed us from the fork, the dinner table, the fixed meal-time” and “In a way, they freed us from society itself.” Upon reading the article, Look was taken by such strong sentiment for something so simple: a pre-packaged sandwich. “You must appreciate, cherish and love something that can provide that sort of freedom,” Look said. “This is what brought me to the idea of a Hungry Man who needs that break – but is not given one. There is this violent love of the pre-packaged sandwich, for it will free him from his day, and troubles. And in a way – in the end, maybe he does get that freedom?”

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